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The General Spore

Established in 2023, The General Spore was created with one thing in mind, to give people simple access to high quality, viable mushroom spores. With decades of experience in the world of mushrooms, our knowledgeable team knows exactly what people need, and do not need in the mushroom genetic world.

You need clean genetics. You do not need gimmick strains with made up names. You need simplicity in ordering, you do not need to feel nervous about how to pay for spores, or how fast your spores will arrive. Trust TheGeneralSpore, and we are confident you will have found your new home for psilocybe cubensis and exotic mushroom spores. 

Thank you for being you.

The hype is real! The service is like nothing else, and to whoever is reading please listen, congratulations! You have found your destination.
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Rory B
Texas, USA
I have ordered five different syringes now and I am beyond pleased with the results! Shipping and packaging is spot on! No contamination issues on a single syringe. On site credit card processing made it convenient to order. Now I just need to checkout the exotic spores…
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Shane T
Miami, USA
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