Blue Magnolia Spore Syringe


The Blue Magnolia cubensis strain was originally discovered and named by two legendary community members, the great Docs Dank Seeds and Mycotek. Back in 2011, the wild magic mushroom that Blue Magnolia came from was found growing from bovine dung in Mississippi.

You will often hear the phrase, “a cube is a cube”. This comes from the fact that many of the strains of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms look a lot alike. Blue Magnolia, along with other special strain in our library, defy this phrase, proving that not all cubensis are the same. With its distinctly girthy, twisty stem, and its bell shaped cap, Blue Magnolia is easily recognized amongst its peers.
Blue magnolia is a great strain for beginner researchers.

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Blue Magnolia is another great strain for beginner and advanced researchers alike.


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