Illusion Weaver Isolated Spore Syringe


Illusion Weaver is a unique cubensis strain brought about by TKK, owner of It is incredibly fast and makes research a true ease. The name comes from the windy stems this strain sometimes features, reminiscent of those famous twirly rainbow candy sticks. This is one of the late and great, “Blue Cats” favorite strains of all time. Blue Cat was a active community member and mycologist who was known for having some of the most impressive grows any of us have seen. With his stamp of approval, Illusion Weaver has caught the eyes of many in recent years.

Illusion Weaver Isolated Spore Syringes come packed with 12cc of leading edge genetics. It produces minimal spores, and the caps come out shiny gold with a flowery look to them. The stems are generally solid, and can get up to 6-12 inches in height.

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Illusion Weaver isolated spore syringes are a unique genetic line with distinct features not commonly found in cubensis strains, making it an excellent choice for those looking to add new strains to their library!


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